ezPATH™ pathway is a true inside-the-cabinet pathway system allowing users to route patch cables above the floor, without lifting floor tiles.

Flexible solutions
Pathway straight sections are installed horizontally in the Main Cross Connect (MCC) for routing cables between adjacent racks/cabinets.

Waterfall sections are mounted between straight sections and serve as connecting sections for continuing on the same horizontal plane or as drops for changing planes within cable run.

Sections are 24-in wide by 10-in deep, holding 1000s of patch cables.


Added Value
ezPATH™ allows physical planners to specify shorter fiber optic patch cables because it removes the need to route cables under the raised-floor or over the rack/cabinet to get to any adjacent rack/cabinet. In the typical data center, every patch cable in the Main Cross Connect can be shortened by four to six feet.

The resulting organization and improved accessibility allow for easier cable runs, faster cable identification, improved troubleshooting and safer procedures to protect equipment and prevent injury.


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