Patch panels are connecting hardware systems populated with various types of couplers/ adapters that facilitate cable interconnection and management. Patch panels consolidate otherwise distributed server, switch, storage and I/O device ports into a centralized, above-the-floor patching area for administrating the data center cable plant. Trunk cables typically plug into the rear side of each patch panel adapter and extend out to other patch panels or to opto-electronic devices. Patch cables typically connect to the front side of each patch panel adapter and extend out to the front side of another patch panel adapter or out to an opto-electronic device port.
Flexible solutions
Conexus offers numerous patch panel options, sizes, and port counts/types for all applications. 1U options include 12, 16, 24, 32, 36, and 48-port duplex connectivity. 2U options include up to 64-ports duplex connectivity. 4U options include up to 144-ports duplex connectivity and 7U options include 192-port and 256-port varieties. The ROME™ ezBLADE™ system incorporates up to four modular adapter panels, each with 16, 24, 32, or 48-ports connectivity. Module varieties can be installed in any combination to match the blade architecture and physical configuration of the leading OEM fiber channel SAN directors.

Added Value
ROME™ panels offer hinged front-access for installation on both sides of a distribution cabinet frame, maximizing the use of floor space and eliminating the need for additional cabinets.

The ROME™ system is the first system on the market to offer a true cable pathway, ezPATH™, for routing cables between adjacent cabinets. This is a world-class innovation combining patching and pathway solutions — unmatched in the industry.

ROME™ panels incorporate tension relief pegs, eliminating tension
from connectors, ensuring long-life and reliable connectivity.


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