ROME™ is a comprehensive family of plug-and-play cabling products developed for the data center.

ROME™ provides efficiency and ease of management in the structured cable plant. Each ezBLADE™ frame accommodates four (4) modular panel inserts that offer 16, 24, 32 and 48-port LC Duplex adapter options. These adapter counts match the blade port counts in leading OEM storage and director-class switch devices and make for an intuitive cross-connect environment. At four frames per side, our design allows for up to 1,536 ports in a single cabinet, when mounted on two sets of opposing mounting rails.

You determine the equipment and we’ll provide an intuitive connectivity solution. By matching one trunk cable per panel insert, data center operations and physical planning personnel can create a main cross-connect system with a 1:1:1 ratio of equipment blade, trunk cable, and patch panel. When it comes to documenting, locating, and trouble-shooting links, this intuitive approach is a real time saver.

To minimize downtime and run a tight ship, we wanted a system that keeps everything clean. ezLINE™ patch cables are designed on single 2.8mm round duplex cable material with LC Duplex "Uniboot" connector technology. This simple design element reduces the number of discreet cables in the Main-Cross-Connect by 50%. Add a true inside-the-cabinet pathway system, ezPATH™, and now you no longer have to route patch cables under the floor.


ezBLADE™ Patch Panels are designed to match OEM blade port-counts and make patch management a simple, intuitive process.

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ezLINE™ Factory-Terminated Cable Assemblies are guaranteed to support 10Gb/s data transmission for up to 300 meters.

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ezPATH™ Pathway is a true, inside-the-cabinet cable routing solution that keeps patch cable management...

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ezFRAME™ cabinets are sturdy, attractive and functional. Dual front and rear door sets provide for easy, arms-length access to your work space.

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ezMATE™ products offer compatibility with Corning, Panduit and Emerson installations. Why pay twice as much for interchangeable parts? Call Conexus for details.

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